Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at Roey's

Oliver & I made it home just in time for Christmas Eve's at Roey's.  Our drive was at least two hours longer than normal and combined with snowy and icy roads, I just about lost my mind completely.  Even after a good night's sleep,  I couldn't fathom driving one more mile, so instead of driving the 100 miles to Fargo, I drove the 35 to Grand Forks and rode with Bill & Jamie and the kids.
I sat in the back with Joey and once he found out I had YouTube on my phone, it was all over.  We listened to this song about 20 times, and yes, I was singing it all weekend.

Then we napped.

Roey cooked for us & it was sooo yummy!
Katherine got a hold of the Nativity Scene and it looked like a tornado had gone through Bethlehem.  Then, she replaced Jesus with a kitten and called him "Kitty Jesus."
She kept calling the lefse a burrito and she would order one up with butter and cheese.

Then we played Grease for the Wii.

Roey & Joey Hand Jiving!

On Christmas Day, Dad, Rose & I drove to Fargo again to celebrate with Roey & Steve.  After supper, we drove around to find some Christmas lights.  Not many people decorated, but it was nice nevertheless.

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  1. Looks like you had a nice time! Fargo must've been as cold as Michigan.