Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The love dogs

We had a little house guest last week.  My main goal: Tire them out (outside)!!  We ran all over the neighborhood.

This is about the time I instituted a mandatory nap/quiet time.  Sally wasn't interested, but when I told her the definition of mandatory, she laid down.  I love the progression of these pictures.  Sally went from wide awake and bored, to sleeping soundly in probably 30 seconds.  (The nap only lasted a few minutes, but I won't talk about that.)


  1. I feel like I live with a celebrity when Sally is featured in your blog. Sally looks so pitaful about the nap-time. She can be so melodramatic. Sorry that nap-time is so anguishing, Sally...geez!

  2. Hi! Thanks for taking my blog button! :) x