Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I flew into Fargo last Wednesday and all signs (and weather reports) predicted a storm.  I wasn't actually expecting my flight to be on time, but it was!!
It was a little stormy & there were plenty of cars that had freshly landed in the ditch, but we made it home!
Dad & I did some reading then watched one of my favorite movies, Fargo, of course.

Dad & Rose got a new Collie/Lab puppy, Mons.  He's so adorable, but such a pain and he may or may not have committed a murder on Saturday night.

...and then there were 3...

Roey & I did some Black Friday shopping, along with all the Canadians (which was the top news story of the weekend). We took turns being crabby, or as Roey would say, we suffered "hypoglycemic fits." It was soooo cold & since Roey didn't appreciate my cursing, I switched to Norwegian cursing, and everyone knows that doesn't count.

When it is so cold you are in pain and you feel like you could die at any moment, say: "Det er jævla kaldt ute."
And for all other general cursing: "Fy faen."

I was lucky & got a chance to see Katherine's dance practice & Joey's hockey practice as well.  


Joey played his first Phase 10 game!! This is a huge deal.  He was more excited about skipping people than getting the phases!

And the perfect way to end a holiday weekend, Miss Karley Balgaard!  She & Robby came all the way from Ashby to meet me before my plane left.  We had a lot of yummy food at Doolittles, where we both used to work.
There was definitely not room for me in their car (filled with a Christmas tree, a snowblower, an ironing board, etc.), but there was plenty of room for Karley to sit on my lap in the front seat.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  We kept thinking how boring it would be if I would've sat in an empty back seat.  That's just not our style.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The love dogs

We had a little house guest last week.  My main goal: Tire them out (outside)!!  We ran all over the neighborhood.

This is about the time I instituted a mandatory nap/quiet time.  Sally wasn't interested, but when I told her the definition of mandatory, she laid down.  I love the progression of these pictures.  Sally went from wide awake and bored, to sleeping soundly in probably 30 seconds.  (The nap only lasted a few minutes, but I won't talk about that.)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cupcake Truck

On Thursday the Denver Cupcake Truck, Clementine, parked in my work's parking lot.  The truck parks all around Denver then tweets its location.  It's pretty adorable.  Don't get me wrong, I love cupcakes, but people were so fanatical about it and I guess it was contagious!
Between my coworker & I, we got 4 to try:
Chocolate Extreme, Snowball something (almond cupcake..yummm), Vanilla Party & Mocha (with health topping...my favorite).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My running coach!

Karley is such an amazing and disciplined runner/athlete.  I am so in awe of all the races she completes and the distances she runs/skis/bikes/swims!
I've completed a few 5K races now and I'm looking to maybe step it up a little and work towards a new and bigger challenge.
Karley's so encouraging and has good advice and apparently has helped other girls meet their running goals.  
It's too bad we live so far apart, but she helps me any chance she gets.  My hacking cough & sinus infection are almost 100% gone, so I have no more excuses.

Karley's version of being my "running coach"
My version of Karley being my "running coach"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Day Extravaganza

Yesterday, Beth & I had a craft day to beat all other craft days!
We had sooo many things that we were just dying to make!
Above is one of Beth's adorable headbands.
I love both of these headbands & they were super easy to recreate.  I've been drawn to all things sequins and glitter lately, so these make me very happy.

My last, not so impressive creation, inspired by Martha Stewart's flowery poms.  I ripped about half of the sheets & Beth thought I was a cat who got into the tissue paper stash! It kept getting worse and worse, so no, I will not be hanging this in my home.

I made the mess of all messes! Whoops.

We needed something to motivate us & keep us productive & what better to do that than a little hip hop.  We put  Beth's favorite song into Pandora & it went downhill from there.  It was sooooooo funny & it really helped, I think.  The real problem times were the moments when Pandora stopped & we took it upon ourselves to do a little freestyle rapping.  
Here were our top choices:

The Dollhouse

I stumbed upon this blog's version of a fabric dollhouse & I was so excited to make one for Katherine's Christmas present.  It seems silly to think now, since I finished it within 24 hours, but I didn't know if I'd have time to do it!  
It was one of the most fun projects I've ever sewn.  I got obsessed with the little details, especially in the kitchen.  Is it weird that I want to keep it for myself?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Bored, Aren't You?

I came down with the most horrible sinus infection and I didn't move from the couch from Sunday to Tuesday except to let Oliver out.  I barely had enough energy to get up and hit "next episode" on the computer.
Oliver was such a devoted companion.  We were both ready for me to get back to work today!


One of my favorite shows is Project Runway & this past season my favorite designer was Mondo Guerra!  It just so happens he's from Denver and every Thursday night he'd host a viewing party @ the Beauty Bar.
We made it for a bit of the finale! It was soooooo crowded & it was hard to keep track of the real Mondo since there was a look-a-like contest going on.
I was 101% sure that he'd win, but sadly, he didn't. Boooo!

Mondo is a perfect segway to Halloween! We both dressed up as Wednesday Addams!

Oliver was Pugsley.

I had some of my very favorite people over for a mini Halloween party.  None of the 3 pictures I took turned out, but we had such a fun time.  I think it's time to retire Apples to Apples & find a new game!


I've had never been on a rollercoaster, so when Beth & I were making our "Summer Fun List" that was one of the first things we added.  We tried to get there a few times during the summer unsuccessfully, but we finally made it to Elitch's with Loren & Adam on October 30th!
Beth sent me this video to prepare myself.  In this video, Beth is definitely the lady on the left!

We started slow with a ferris wheel ride!

Loren & I sat out this ride. Yikessss

It was such a fun day & I lived through several rollercoasters!  I have to admit that during the first few, I had my eyes closed tight & I went to my happy place, but by the last one, The Mind Eraser, I was able to keep my eyes open the whole time!