Monday, October 25, 2010

Daddy & Roey!!

I'm a few weeks late on blogging this, but now I can relive it all over again!
I picked my Dad & my sister Roey up on Wednesday night and we chilled out and dressed Oliver up. (Typical night)

Thursday morning we toured The Mint at 8am & ate at Snooze afterwards.
The Mint tour was potentially pretty interesting, but it fell a little short.  Dad kept asking, "Where are all the workers?"  

In the afternoon, we took Oli to City Park.

Roey & I went to Grease on Thursday night.  This was our program & I was so concerned that this dude was going to be playing Danny Zuko.

This must've been Friday...breakfast at IHOP and a self-guided tour of the capitol & the Molly Brown Museum.

Friday night, Roey went to hang with her high school classmate, Jyl, while Dad helped me put together my new dresser! There were SO many small pieces and if he wasn't there, I probably would've given up, but we finished it!
We finished the basic frame and Dad was picking up some of the bigger pieces and lost his balance and almost fell right onto the dresser.  It was a close one! I think we would've gotten a pre-assembled dresser the 2nd time around!!

Saturday! We adopted Beth for the Loop Train in Georgetown.

(Root) Beer & Brats!

After supper, we went to Get Low.  We were trying to figure out what was the last movie we went to as a family.  Roey said River Rats (1984) & the first and only one I remember is Dick Tracy (1990), but we realized we had seen National Treasure (2004) since then.

And the big catastrophe of the weekend - My ceiling started dripping and I wanted to ignore it until my family left, but I called & they cut a huge hole out of my ceiling and took the next several days to repair it.
Thankfully, we could use the shower everyday and Oliver had fun at Doggie day care.

I was so sad to see them leave and Oliver fell into his usual post-company depression, but I'm going home for Thanksgiving this year for the first time since I moved here, so I'm looking forward to that!! 

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