Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taste of Colorado

On Friday, Nicole, Marie & I went downtown to the Taste of Colorado.
There were all sorts of local food vendors & entertainment.  Instead of paying cash for everything, you bought tickets and used those to eat, etc.  I ended up losing a bunch of tickets, but honestly, I would've used them to buy a massive cupcake, so it worked out for the best!

The main reason I wanted to go on Friday night was because Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was playing!  It was just so much fun & there were cute couples all around swing dancing.
Marie & I were in Jazz Band together in high school and we played a few of their tunes.
Here's my fav - I played the low honk note :)


  1. Wait, is that last picture the one I tried to take of you guys?? Got a LITTLE dark...

  2. What, can't you see me? Haha I think I took that later in the night for the neat silhouette!