Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ray @ Red Rocks

On Monday night, I went to Red Rocks Amphitheater for David Gray & Ray LaMontange.  I'm so in love with Ray's music & combined with the perfect weather, 4th row seats and some super friends, it was just superb!
Ray is so dreamy.

These videos are from the show..the 2nd one is's not a super video, but it was my fav David Gray song of the night.
Watch the 1st one especially - an engagement happens!! 

We were stuck in traffic FOREVER & while we listened to David Gray's song on repeat, we played with Beth's Juicy Fruit iphone app.  I can't believe I didn't pee my pants.  The lips move & say the most ridiculous pick-up lines.  It made the time pass.
 But, being the excellent guesser that I am, I predicted we'd be home at 12:21..well, what do you know...I dropped Beth off at 12:21.

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