Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crochet: Part 2

I love everything about this picture from this etsy shop.  I tried to make a few of these cowls last winter and I can say they were not anything like this one.  I'd love to make one exactly like this!!

  Several people have tried to teach me to crochet and I just can't seem to grasp it...or I don't keep up with practicing.  My friend Loren makes such amazing little animals that I'd like to be able to make one day, but I'm starting with the basics.
Rather than spend money on a class, I'm trying to teach myself (again).
Here's the progress I made back in November 2008. Whoooooops!

Compared to that, I think I'm doing pretty good right now.
I obviously keep missing a stitch at the very end, so I end up with an unfortunate looking triangle-type situation.
My first little sad try is on the left and I progressed onward from that.

Hopefully I'll have something pretty to post soon!

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