Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pleats, Darts & Gathers

I have so many pictures to blog! I'm so behind.  In my defense, my laptop has slowly died & I just ordered a new one on Saturday.  I'm so anxious to get it!
On Monday night, Loren & I took a Pleats, Darts & Gathers sewing class at the Fancy Tiger.  In the process of teaching myself to sew, I've picked up many bad habits and shortcuts, so even though I've used all these techniques before, it's nice to know the correct way.  Usually the instructor mentions the method I use proceeded by, "Don't ever do this..."  Lesson learned!  I think we produced some quality work.  Our samples look like little doll aprons.


  1. Awesome, now with those samples you can make cuffs for a pirate shirt. Let me know when you want my measurements.

  2. 2 pirate shirt cuffs, coming up!