Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th weekend!

I had one of the best July 4th weekends in a long time!!
Marie & I went to a Rockies game and were surprised with fireworks of massive proportions.  A few of the sections were ushered onto the field for optimal viewing...shown above.
On Saturday, I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival & on Sunday, Emily had a perfect little bbq with steak & corn on the cob........yummmm.

I finally put away all my clothes (yes, it took one month) and besides needing a dresser desperately, my place is coming together nicely.
My basil plant is thriving, but sadly, all of the flowers shown in my last post are dead.

Oh, and look at little Forskie, my little cat-nephew.  Since Beth was out of town, I kept him company.  All he wanted to do was play!

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