Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mile High Marketplace

On Saturday, Beth & I ate corn....at the Mile High Marketplace.  I was in need of some apartment furnishing and I really lucked out & Beth found an antique phone, which was pretty perfect. We got matching pretty rings.
After we were sunburned and windburned, we went to Hobby Lobby, Ross & Big Lots.
We found so many deals and Beth was really my personal shopper/shopping cart.  I can't even think about it or I'll start laughing and I won't stop.
Big Lots by far had the strangest employees of all the places we visited.

I've been packing very slowly, but it's coming along!  I'm driving to North Dakota on Thursday and heading back to Denver on Monday (without Oliver, how sad).  I really could not be more excited to see my family (especially if Roey brings me chippers)!

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