Saturday, May 1, 2010

Habitat Day

Yesterday, I went to work on a Habitat house with some of my co-workers.  A small group of 3 of us ending up siding the back of a carport unit.
It was a rocky start - the previous workers who had marked lines for the studs...well, it wasn't accurate at all, but we did some calculated guessing and ended up finding them (mostly).
And as you can see above, our little "work space" was so cluttered and messy.  I don't know why there were scraps so close to where we were working, but it was hazardous...I stumbled all around (but never fell!).
Considering that some people swept the entire day, I think we had a perfect little job...and we learned some new, including, how to use power tools.
We all sort of crashed at around 2pm - I would've love loved some (a lot) of coffee, especially when it started to SNOW, but we made it.
I'm a little sore today and am happy to go back to being a librarian on Monday!!

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