Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quilting: Day 2

I spent a snowy Sunday quilting.  I've sewed all the strips together and just finished ironing all the seams.  The strips need to be sewed together, but I've made a big dent today.  It was so relaxing & thanks to Netflix & 2 new Gentle Waves cds, I stayed entertained the whole time.
I cooked more this weekend then in the last few weeks combined! Loren came over on Saturday with homemade rhubarb pie (YUM) and I made some prosciutto pizza.

Loren's photo! Yummmmmmm

 Loren gave me this Crockpot recipe and I tried it today. Sososos good.  Don't worry - Oliver didn't watch me sew all day....Emily & Natalia came over tonight, with Sally, Oliver's favorite puggle.  He's now totally exhausted and snoring little doggie snores.

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  1. This is absolutely the cutest almost-done quilt I've ever seen!!