Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday's in full swing!

I've been out and about enjoying the holiday season in Denver.  I tried to find the perfect outdoor skating rink, but I failed miserably.  Loren, Marie & I ended up going to Flatiron Crossings.  The rink was soooo tiny and overun by wild children and the like, but we had a great time nevertheless, and it was a nice first skate of the season.  I'm used to skating in subzero temperatures, so a nice 40 degree day was so perfect!

I was the Denver Botanic Garden's 1,000th fan on Facebook, so I won 2 tickets to both of their holiday events.  I took a tour of their administrative building last week, which is in a beautiful old mansion on York.  Doris showed me everything including the top secret staircase!  On Thursday evening, Marie & I went to Blossoms of Light.  It was so impressive!! I wish there would've been live holiday jazz music, but oh well anyway.

Just a few more sleeps until Dad, Oliver & I make our long drive to North Dakota.  I couldn't be more excited, but I feel like I have so much to get done before I leave.  My room literally has never ever been messier and, as per Beth's request, I took some before pictures.  I won't be posting those until I have a perfectly clean after picture to show! (And I probably shouldn't even post them then!)

Oliver's getting ready for North Dakota's bitter temperatures...He was slightly underwhelmed, but he'll thank me later.  He's so stylish, eh?

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