Saturday, November 14, 2009

She even dresses up to cook!

Last week Beth & I had a little cooking night.  We were planning on making lasagna roll-ups, but the noodles didn't exactly roll, rather they broke in pieces, so we made traditional lasagna instead! It was so good anyway though.

 When I first moved to Denver I would swear that Beth was in this commercial that kept playing, but I couldn't get ahold of her to ask and it was driving me crazy.  Anyway, the commercial is for some sort of kitchen appliance and the actor holds up a photo of Beth (shown below) and says, "My wife even dresses up to cook!" And there is Beth, in the photo, with her pearls and a pie.


  1. CUTTTEEE!! I remember a comercial of Beth running or something... She's so famous.

  2. You know you have to boil the lasagna to get it to roll, right?

  3. We boiled it...just maybe not quite long enough. :)