Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spoiler Alert

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Last night I went to this movie. I had a free pass for the theater because when I went to "Paper Heart," the sound was malfunctioning and they kept having to start and stop it.

This movie was really sweet and adorable (with a great soundtrack and an autumn in new york vibe), but about 10 minutes before the end, the power went out! I have never been any place darker in my life. Apparently, the power went out for the whole block. The usher brought a flashlight, and once again, we got free passes for next time.

There was only 10 minutes left of the movie and we all needed to know what happened, so one of the employees "spoiled" it for us. Since all the movies were cancelled, he had to spoil everyone's movie. I couldn't do that, but I think my roommate would be great for that job...(Her nickname is "spoiler alert.") Some ladies from another movie asked, "What happens to ______? Does she get famous?" (I won't spoil the movie for you.) And he replied something like, "She loses her mind" in a very matter-of-fact tone.
OOoo, Look at my cute new mug from Pier One. (Doesn't it look so classy next to my "Summit Disposall" pen holder hand-me-down?)

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