Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I had a really, really nice weekend. On Friday, Steve, Nicole and I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The weather was perfect while we were there. It was nice just to walk around and be outside. I splurged on chocolate drizzled strawberries and bananas....mmmmmmmmmm!
That night, I had the best margaritas of my life, made by my friend, Joey.

On Saturday, Natalia and I "studied" for our comp exam at Starbucks. We are horrible study partners....really, really horrible. That evening, Oliver & I went with Natalia, Emily and of course, Sally, to a BBQ.
The last time I laughed that hard was back in March (when Roey visited and we went to "Girls Only"). I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe, my cheeks ached and I couldn't stand up straight.
Oliver & Sally ran around the yard for hours without stopping for a second. Oliver was "guarding" everyone from the fireworks. When we got home last night, he collapsed and could barely muster enough energy to jump on the bed.

Today, Marie, Amy & I went to the Rockies game. It was extremely hot! I put sunscreen on in the morning, but it didn't last long. I am so incredibly burned.

Marie went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to pick up a Rockies t-shirt and she didn't look at the back! I literally fell over when she showed me, but I'm glad she kept it on. It made me laugh all afternoon. She also said things a dad would say during the game, such as, "I wish I had a pair of binoculars right now."

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