Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crafty Friday

I had the best day yesterday! Usually, on Friday's I do a few fun things, but I always feel guilty about not working on homework, but not yesterday. I enjoyed the whole day and did nothing important.
I took Oli to the dog park, got a iced soy chai @ Starbucks, rearranged my room and did tons of little crafty things. Then, Joey came over and we (and by we, I mean, he) made the best green beans and margaritas. After he left, I started a late night craft project - my chalkboard!
Since I'll be finishing up school SOON, I disassembled my desk. I'm using the bottom of the desk for storage and I'm turning the top into a chalkboard that will sit vertically in the hallway.

Marie was in charge of removing the nails.

Also, I've been listening to City and Colour for the last few days straight. Let me see if I get this right - Dallas Green was part of a band, Alexisonfire, but on his own, he's called City and Colour. Nevertheless, he's amazing! Here's one of my favorites.

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