Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Craft Sunday!

I hate that the photos appear in the exact opposite order that I uploaded them in. I'm too lazy to reverse them, so this is what you all get.
Below is Oliver's new buddy, Francie. I had an epiphany that I take too many pictures of Oliver, when, while he was in the midst of playing with Francie, he stopped - looked at me and waited for me to snap his picture and then resumed the game. What have I created? It really creeped me out, so no more pictures of Oliver for awhile.

I started a new dress. It's a plain, summery plaid number. I have all the pieces ready, so I just need to sew them all together. I bought a hot pink zipper for a little surprise.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

JoAnn's or Bust...but sushi first

I forgot to post these fun pictures from last week. On Tuesday, Beth & I went fabric shopping. We're going to make pillows for her super cute new Wash Park apartment tomorrow.
The fabric shop near Beth's apt. was closed, so we decided to go to Denver Fabrics. My GPS has been really getting on my nerves and of course instead of ending up at Denver Fabrics, we ended up in a residential neighbor somewhere off Sante Fe Blvd near a strip club. THEN, we found the other branch of Denver Fabrics and headed north only to find that they had closed @ 6, (then, my gas light comes on). I finally decided that we should go to JoAnn Fabrics, but first we ate at Thai Basil. That left us with an hour to get our fabrics and go. I think we did okay for ourselves and I've never ever laughed so hard in a fabric store - ever!
I had to hide in the clearance section so no one would see me laughing so hard.

Crafty Friday

I had the best day yesterday! Usually, on Friday's I do a few fun things, but I always feel guilty about not working on homework, but not yesterday. I enjoyed the whole day and did nothing important.
I took Oli to the dog park, got a iced soy chai @ Starbucks, rearranged my room and did tons of little crafty things. Then, Joey came over and we (and by we, I mean, he) made the best green beans and margaritas. After he left, I started a late night craft project - my chalkboard!
Since I'll be finishing up school SOON, I disassembled my desk. I'm using the bottom of the desk for storage and I'm turning the top into a chalkboard that will sit vertically in the hallway.

Marie was in charge of removing the nails.

Also, I've been listening to City and Colour for the last few days straight. Let me see if I get this right - Dallas Green was part of a band, Alexisonfire, but on his own, he's called City and Colour. Nevertheless, he's amazing! Here's one of my favorites.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear Roey, Happy Birthday

Today is my lovely and wonderful sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Roey - I miss you so much it makes me crazy (as you can probably tell in these pictures)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love that Beard

On Sunday, Beth & I went see William Fitzsimmons and Jenny Owen Young at the Soiled Dove. Before the concert, I got to see Beth's new place. We're going to sew some pillows, etc. for her decor and I'm SEW excited. (Sorry, I had to.)

The concert was really, really amazing and afterwards, we got to meet him. Well, it was all Beth, because I'm way too shy! Isn't his beard awesome? His sweater was really soft and Beth pointed out his hands were also very soft.

As soon as we got back in the car, we freaked out! I don't know why my hands did that, but it's funny.

Last Friday I took my comprehensive exam. It went surprisingly well, but I am very happy that it's over. Today, I officially finished my practicum, which has been a long time coming! This weekend I'm on apartment arrest, writing my last big paper (hopefully) about academic libraries and criteria they should consider before implementing new technological products and services.

This is Oliver saying, "Shouldn't you quit blogging and start studying dummy?"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Easy Listening

Oliver & I like to unwind and listen to folk music before bed. It's slightly creepy because it really looks like he is listening to music. He looks a little annoyed at Marie for taking this photo.
I'm studying for my comprehensive exam, which according to Natalia's countdown, is in one day and 11 hours! Yikes. I work until 1:00pm tomorrow and I have the rest of the day to study.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I had a really, really nice weekend. On Friday, Steve, Nicole and I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The weather was perfect while we were there. It was nice just to walk around and be outside. I splurged on chocolate drizzled strawberries and bananas....mmmmmmmmmm!
That night, I had the best margaritas of my life, made by my friend, Joey.

On Saturday, Natalia and I "studied" for our comp exam at Starbucks. We are horrible study partners....really, really horrible. That evening, Oliver & I went with Natalia, Emily and of course, Sally, to a BBQ.
The last time I laughed that hard was back in March (when Roey visited and we went to "Girls Only"). I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe, my cheeks ached and I couldn't stand up straight.
Oliver & Sally ran around the yard for hours without stopping for a second. Oliver was "guarding" everyone from the fireworks. When we got home last night, he collapsed and could barely muster enough energy to jump on the bed.

Today, Marie, Amy & I went to the Rockies game. It was extremely hot! I put sunscreen on in the morning, but it didn't last long. I am so incredibly burned.

Marie went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to pick up a Rockies t-shirt and she didn't look at the back! I literally fell over when she showed me, but I'm glad she kept it on. It made me laugh all afternoon. She also said things a dad would say during the game, such as, "I wish I had a pair of binoculars right now."