Friday, October 31, 2008

David was amazing!

David Sedaris was so amazing. I was laughing so hard that I was crying and my mascara was running. It was great though. We had the best seats - not too close and directly in front of David.

Natalia and I. . . very excited and anxious to see David.

During every tour, David recommends a book, usually short stories or essays. This year he read from The Braindead Megaphone and I bought the book right away.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

David Sedaris Night!!

My friend from Library School, Natalia, and I are going to David Sedaris tonight in Boulder. I have not been this excited in a long time! Yay. It will be a nice change from the stress of classes/paper/presentations that I've been overloaded with lately (and will be overloaded with for the next 3 weeks)!!

I'm wearing my homemade numbers dress tonight. I call it "geek chic."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You're freaking out, aren't you?

I've mentioned before that Oliver has/had pretty bad separation anxiety (note the picture below if you don't believe me). When I first got him, I let him hang out in my room while I was at work. I was really sick last spring and decided not to take him for a walk one morning and this is what happened!
The only other time I didn't walk him, he ate my favorite yoga pants. At least I know that his exercise time is directly related to his destructiveness!

Anyway, I posted this photo to a website where people post their photos and add captions. The key to a good caption is words spelled wrong and improper grammar, which I hate, but it is pretty cute!

Don't freak out. . .

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oliver's ducky

This is one of the only stuffed toys that Oliver hasn't gutted and pulled limb from limb. He takes it wherever he goes - it's so sweet. He's very protective of Mr. Ducky.

Sewing season

It's sewing time again! yipeee...I had a little mini shopping spree at mainly for Christmas presents. I love this numbers fabric by Michael Miller. I haven't decided what to make out of it yet though. It's all for me! My first instinct is a dress, but that might be a little busy - we'll have to see. I should be getting all of my fabric in the mail today!

Speaking of a dress, wouldn't these shoes look perfect with it? I went to Target to get them and Marie loved them too, so we split the cost.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flickr Pics

Oh, I forgot. . .

I took tons of pictures, so ....


You can choose the "view slide show" to see them better.

Beth took some great photos as well, so stay tuned for those!

Fall has Flung!

So one day with Beth is a good week, but 3 days with Beth is a super great week!
Yesterday, Beth shared her Avalanche hockey tickets with me! We had really great seats - which means we had a nice view of some exciting hockey fights! The Avs played the Chicago Blackhawks and lost by only a few goals.

We had a few beers & some yummy nachos at Brooklyn's, which is right across from the Pepsi center.

Today was an amazing day! I picked Beth up early this morning and we headed to Estes Park / Rocky Mountain National Park. The drive was so beautiful and surprisingly relaxing.

We just drove and drove and then pulled over to take some gorgeous photos. It was such a perfect, perfect day. Before we knew it, we had left the park and were headed back to Estes Park. There were literally miles and miles of cars waiting to get into the park (or somewhere). I'm so glad Beth & I left when we did. We wanted to have a little lunch in Estes Park, but there were no, zero, and I mean NO parking spots anywhere in the entire town, so we drove onward to Boulder.

Beth & I had clam chowder and sandwiches and perused the quaint little shops along Pearl Street. There is a CU football game tonight, so it was just starting to get crazy as we left!

I can't wait to hang out with Beth again! Yay Beth.

I have been looking for a cute pair of black boots for awhile now and when I met Beth's co-worker yesterday, my search was renewed. I bought this pair at Target today. There was a girl trying on shoes and she needed my help decided...She ended up buying 3 pairs, including my boots!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay Beth!

Beth & I went out for supper the other night. Her co-worker recommended the restraurant NoRTH in Cherry Creek. It was yummy, but our server was a little on the obsessive compulsive side and very sneaky. She actually took my dirty napkin off of the table, folded it, and put it back down in front of me.
After supper we were craving some tea, but surprisingly all of the area coffee shops were already closed. Thanks to my handy GPS, we found a place called Hooked on Colfax and we both had spicy, spicy chai teas.
It was so great to see Beth - I hadn't seen her for months!