Sunday, September 28, 2008

Library Trivia Night

Our Library school program hosted a "Geeks Who Drink" trivia night on campus. It was a lot of fun (even though my team got last place!). Yikes.

Genesee Park Day

On Saturday, Marie & I decided to do a little sightseeing. We drove out to Genesee Park, which isn't too far from Denver. We stopped @ Whole Foods first to get a picnic lunch and some cold Riesling.

I love these last two pictures! Doesn't Oliver look like a mountain lion? He looks so majestic.
This picture is Oliver at his happiest.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finished the dress

I finished my dress and I like it 100% better than my first attempt. It looks like Oliver feels the same way (notice the bottom photo). I took my time and ironed and measure everything. Since I've already made this, it went a lot smoother. I'm going to wear this to work today, so hopefully it holds up.

Today is the first day of fall, but it's going to be pretty warm here this week.

Marie gave me a gift card for Forever 21 for my birthday, so I bought this sweater. Their store is always so disorganized and messy, so I saved all the hassle and ordered it online.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I started dress #2 and Oliver's pedicure!

Okay, I wanted to do a post without Oliver, but how can I resist when he tried to give himself a pedicure?

I started my new dress last night and this time, I'm taking my time and doing a good job! I had my first encounter with fusible interfacing, which was interesting! I have a lot of homework to do today, so we'll see if I make any progress with this. I'm off to church!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Oh, and Happy 6th Birthday Joey!

A changed dog?

Oliver used to hate this kennel - really hate it. He would cry, howl, bark, and if you can see, he chewed a hole in the side in an attempt to escape.

After months of agonizing training and positive reinforcement, this is what Oliver does while I study, shower, get ready for work, watch tv, etc....He sits in the kennel! I don't even tell him to -he wants to! I do give him a treat every time he goes in though.
If I'm studying, he sits at attention waiting for the next treat. He used to have to be under my feet at every moment, but now I know that if I can't see Oliver, he's relaxing in his little home (or on my quilt!).

I've been checking in with my neighbors and here's part of an e-mail I got last week:

"I'm glad that he's now with an owner that cares for him and treats him well! There only seems to be short periods when he starts barking again, but most of the time it is very quiet. We've already noticed a difference, and will let you know if it seems like he has begun barking again for several days in a row.
I truly appreciate your understanding and efforts towards his behavior."

We've come a long way Oliver!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks Karley!

I am getting packages a lot lately, which makes me a very happy person! I am going to try and sell my XC skis on craigslist so Karley and I made a boot switch and I'm going to sell her boots with my skis. Anyway - Karley sent me her boots yesterday AND a whole lot of goodies!

The greatest card ever! And it's so true...I love my red pumps the best! Although, I also love my new mustard ruffle flats quite a lot.

Most of the goodies had a MN theme - Karley is not so secretly trying to get me to move to Duluth. Here's a visitors' guide. "Duluth is everything you want, and exactly what you need." Wow, Karley, who wouldn't want to live there?I told Karley I really wanted a scarf that looked exactly like this. She's so sneaky. I really wanted to wear it today, but it was 90 degrees...not quite the attention I'm looking for.

My class was cancelled today! Yay- I should probably do some homework to celebrate. Project Runway is on tonight.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thanks Roey!

Here are some photos of Oliver's new Halloween costume, courtesy of Roey! He thought is was a giant chew toy, but once I got him to let me put it on, I think he started to like it. He was still trying to eat it though! Since Oliver is a big dachshund, would he be considered at bratwurst or a polish sausage instead of a hot dog? hmmm
The mustard got a little scrambled!

These two are videos...curious dog in action.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hair Dye Disaster...

I must've left the hair dye in too long, because I have black hair now! It was supposed to be dark brown - espresso, technically. It's so black, it's almost blue! You can't really tell it from the picture though - and I'm sure it will fade fast (I washed it four times this morning!) Oh well.

I got Oliver a new collar - the old one was pretty dingy and disgusting. This one is way too cute! It's a burberry type plaid design. It came with a matching leash. More pictures to come...I could've gotten his name written on it in jewels, but that's not really his style. He looks so classy, don't you think. Notice that his collar matches my headband!

I fell is love with some of the patterns I used for my quilt and I would love to make a dress out of one of them. I'm leaning towards the top one. This dress would look so cute with tights and my brown boots!

I'd be making the dress in the upper left corner...see also the disaster dress I just sewed - it's the same pattern.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Quilt is Finished!!

My first quilt is finally finished..really finished. It's a little lopsided and crooked, but it's finished nevertheless.

Click here to see the rest of the photos!!

While I was waiting for some of my quilting squares, I attempted to make a dress. Not successfully! The collar is awful and I can barely the pattern called for a zipper (which I have never attempted!) It's all wrong, except for the sleeves - they are pretty cute actually (they have little ties). I bought a long, sleeveless vest, which will mask the bad zipper and even worse collar - and, maybe one day, I'll be able to wear this in public. I love the print though - it reminds me of something Mary Seratzki would wear! I'll put up a better picture later - one where you can actually see the whole hot mess, sleeves and all.