Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Olson's in Denver

Okay, this is a test. I'm new with the photo website, Flickr, and I uploaded some photos onto my page. Try clicking on the link below:

My Flickr

You should be taken to a website to view some pictures of my family's visit to Denver. From there, you can click on "Slideshow" in the upper right corner.
Sit back, relax, Enjoy.
Here's a preview to pique your curiosity.

This is the sweetest video ever. I didn't tell him what to say..this is all original Joey.
Note: To play the video, click the small play button in the lower left corner.

Another Joey original...I love his choreography.

Birthday Gift...

I got the most amazing birthday gift ever! It's a Singer dress form & I cannot wait to start sewing clothes. I've sewed some tops already, but I can only wear some of them - I have problems with armholes and straps, which the dress form will help with. I think Oliver is attached to our new "roommate." I need to name her...maybe Mary II.


I won this auction on ebay last night. It is 45 6 1/2" squares. There's more than enough squares to finish the quilt - finally! Ebay is a interesting challenge for me...I get really caught up in bidding and I don't handle the pressure very well. The other night my roommate was bidding on a purse and she didn't place her bid until there were just seconds left! At that point, I just wanted her to win, so I kept shouting, "BID, BID! HURRY HURRY!" Luckily Marie doesn't listen to me.

So last night I was waiting to bid on the squares and I called Karley to chat. She ended up coaching me while we were both laughing hysterically and screaming. She told me to wait until there were 15 seconds left and BID..I ended up bidding $23.51 and when the auction ended, I had no idea what had just happened! I didn't have to pay that much, but I WON - maybe unfairly, but I WON! The screen just said "You have bought this item." C'mon..confetti, please or at least say "You won."

I got the best birthday present ever - I'll have to post pics this afternoon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh, the horror!

I am required to read from seven difference genres for my class, so the next book I've chosen is a horror.

I thought this was a good pick since it takes place in CO. I've visited Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Portland, OR where a portion of the movie version was filmed. So why wouldn't I read this... Last time I read a scary book, I had nightmares and I barely finished the prologue.

I also picked up this book today at Barnes & Noble. Bible Park, where Oliver and I go every morning, is one of the featured spots in this book. We've been to one other place listed and that is Washington Park.

I can't wait to see some of the other spots.


Here's the new shirt I just sewed. Unlike most of what I've been sewing, I can actually wear this in public. I have a potential customer who would like one in green. I just got my quilting squares yesterday, but I've dedicated this weekend to homework, so they will have to wait.

This is quite possibly the most horrifying picture I've ever taken. I can't believe this creature lives with me! I'm trying to teach Oliver some tricks and he's been loving this little tunnel, but he has to take the tiger with him. Below is a somewhat sweeter picture of Oliver jumping the hula hoop.

I can hear the ice cream truck driving by outside. Kids are screaming!!