Thursday, July 24, 2008

Olympic dog & Amy Butler love

I've really been trying to give Oliver a good workout and exhaust him (so he sleeps when I go to work!). I definitely wouldn't call myself athletic, but I've been waking up every (single) morning to take Oliver to Bible Park, which just so happens to be infested with coyotes. I run, sprint, walk fast - anything and he just doesn't seem to get tired at all. Which leads me to the conclusion that his past owner was some sort of Olympic athlete and obviously worked out with Oliver (his name was Seus then) but since the Olympics are coming up, the owner had to drop Oliver off at the shelter.

I survived my book talk this week. Every time I practiced, I was over the 10 minute requirement, but I have no clue how long it lasted during class. I even got a compliment from a guy in class (probably because I mentioned a story about a naughty librarian).

I am totally obsessed with Amy Butler's Designs I love all her fabrics and style! I just won this auction on ebay:
It's 54 5" quilting squares from Amy's Belle line. I've never made a quilt before, so this will definitely be interesting. I also checked out her latest book from the library and I'm completely inspired!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Night In

My roommate and I were planning on going to Shakespeare's Macbeth downtown, but the weather doesn't look promising, so we're going to try that again tomorrow for the Twelfth Night.

I have been obsessive about sewing/fabric/patterns over the bast few days. I'm planning on making a top tonight out of some awesome fabric. I'm scared to start. I'm also a very impatient sewer (they didn't call me "impatient mary" for nothing).

I'm taking a Readers' Advisory course this quarter and one of our assignments is to present a 10 minute book talk. Naturally I am choosing short for a theme, I have yet to articulate one. I was trying to explain them to my classmate and I said, "well, they all have strong language." When what I meant to say was that they are beautifully written. Should be an interesting 10 minutes! Here's what I have so far: