Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Dog Whisperer

Yesterday, Oliver (my dachshund) and I met with a dog behaviorist. I knew he had a case of separation anxiety and thanks to Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer I had an idea of what needed to be done. The trainer I found uses his "pack leader" approach. I tried it on my own, but I need help! She spent about an hour with us and it was amazing! She said Oliver wants boundaries and limitations. She also told me to work on using a deeper voice when I talk to Oliver. I think my roommate likes hearing me practice my manly voice.

I've taken him on two walks since we met with the trainer and it is 100% difference! He walks right next to me and doesn't have to stop every step to "mark the territory."

I'm going to church in about twenty minutes and I'm watching "This American Life" tv show while I'm having breakfast...This episode is about genetically altered pigs. They are altered to gain over 50lbs per month and never ever leave their small pen, so when they walk to the truck to be slaughtered, their muscles don't know what to do and they go into shock. It's too early in the morning to be watching this!!

I made a little dress for my niece and it's pretty much the first real thing I've ever sewed. I wasn't expecting it to actually fit her, but sure enough, it does. It's her 2nd birthday today and I'm missing the party! I'll be back in ND in June though!

Friday, April 25, 2008