Monday, July 21, 2014

Drag Racing, Smag Racing

 Yesterday, I joined the Buchanan family for the Mopar Mile High Nationals at the Bandimere Speedway.
I'll be completely honest with you - it was a rough day for me! The nitro fumes combined with the heat & the noise/vibrations really got to me, so I spent most of the time watching the races from above the bleachers.
After I started feeling better, I enjoyed myself much more...and friends bringing me my most favorite ice cream makes me smile!

And seeing a little dog that looks like my dog also makes me smile!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Times with Kari: Early July Edition

I had a fun little 4th of July at Kari's place up in the mountains! We had the *best* meal, I got to shoot a potato canon and we made s'mores. What else could you want?
Here's a little clip of the action! No matter how hard I tried not to, I screamed every single time!


 I got 2 free Rockies tickets for doing a the Rockies 5k for the Homeless a few months ago. It rained & sleeted during the run and it was just all around miserable! The silver lining of that race was the super fun time we had at the baseball game.
And we were even on the jumbotron! I'm adding that to my bucket list, so I can cross it off!

Monday, June 23, 2014

the weekend!

This weekend was a nice, full one! I spent Friday night soaking up the sun (and beer) on the rooftop of Merle's.
On Saturday morning, Loren, Adam, RJ & I ran the Summer Breeze 10k. It wasn't my best run, but Loren & I got to catch up and burn enough calories for a great brunch!
Speaking of...we went to Jelly afterwards, and it was so, so good!

Later that day, after a nice little nap, we met up at Punch Bowl Social to celebrate Loren's 30th birthday with some bowling! I don't think anyone will get offended if I mention that we are not very skilled bowlers, but I think we really started to improve by the 2nd game. I snagged these pics from RJ!

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned that I wanted to spray paint my kitchen chairs, but with an apartment, it'd be difficult to find space. Jaime offered up her backyard/alley and yesterday, we got to business! In this scenario, I had your classic "wing-it" attitude, but Jaime did some google-ing and the chairs turned out pretty well! Unfortunately, one of the paints stopped spraying and it started to rain, so we're going to continue the project this week!
I'm also re-doing a bar cart, so I'll be sure to post pictures of that!

Friday, June 13, 2014

'Lil Madeline

One of my favorite things to sew is definitely these little dolls! Of course you've already met 'Lil Katherine & 'Lil Mary Fancypants. So as Madeline's birthday approached, I had some ideas in mind! 
I tried to fashion the doll as close to the Madeline in the book as I could (without having to sew a jacket).


And Madeline likes Madeline!

 I've only been to visit Madeline a few times since she was born, so our Facetime game has been pretty tight this past year. I can't wait to squeeze her in July (you too, Roey!).

Friday, May 30, 2014


I've been dying to make pickles, but all the equipment and precision (hello, botulism?) overwhelmed me. I had heard of refrigerator pickles, but I just wasn't convinced that they would taste right.
Well, Nicole helped me face my fears and using this recipe, we  made some pretty amazing pickles last week! I'm was so impressed by how easy it was & good they were.

Wyatt & Franice stayed busy being adorable & watching cartoons.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Olsonfield Weekend!

I spent last weekend with Beth up (and over?) in Steamboat Springs.
We crammed so many of our favorite things into a 2-day time frame - seriously a little bit of *everything*!