Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cookie Party!

I'm going to ease back into blogging and really, what better way to ease back into something than cookies! Am I right? A few months ago, I purchased Alison's Cookie Party - an online sugar cookie making course & ebook. Since then, I've been looking for any occasion to make cookies. So far, the first batch I made (above) has been my favorite.
It's a fairly time-consuming activity. I've found I need to be in the right mood to take these on. This is not a project for Impatient Mary.

Not only did Bob get cookies for his birthday, he was also treated to a personal portrait session by Katherine. You can't really tell from here, but it's pretty spot on.

I don't know about you, but I think I've been eased back in!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the weekend!

This weekend I had lots of good cuddling time with Oliver & some great Auntie time. We went to see Joey's Electrify Your Strings concert on Friday night. I was so impressed, and of course Joey is the best cello player ever! We celebrated with a little fro-yo afterwards!

 Saturday, we ventured to Devil's Lake for Joey's hockey game. It was a really close game, but they won! We were all anxious up in the bleachers...sports are so stressful. Below, Joey appears to be winding up for a swing on a poor fallen player, but I assure you, it's not what it looks like...or is it, Joe?

And these two sweet little nieces of mine did some scarf making. One was made just a tish too small, so guess who got that one? It's basically a built in pillow! He doesn't know how good he has it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hi again! Let's keep this train rollin'! I've finished up my second week of work, 96% of my possessions are in their places, and there have been a few days warm enough to take my hat off. Things are good.
This past weekend, Steve, Roey, Madeline & I went to Northwood.

It was so great to cuddle up with Oliver again; however, not all the pets were as accepting of my love.

I found a stash of my old books in the attic, so Madeline & I are now caught up on everything Little Critter...and Oliver is too!

On Sunday, we watched Joe's hockey game. They pulled out a big W, which is sports talk for "they won," and my dear friend since 2nd grade, Kirsten, was working concessions, so I guess you could call that a double whammy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are you there?

Oh hello there...wait...are you there? You're not...oh, okay.
But hi anyway from the bonechilling plains of North Dakota. And since I haven't seen you in a while - how was your Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's?
These past few months have been a whirlwind in ways I never expected, but the dust is settling and here I am, thanks to some not-so-subtle hints!
I'm settling into a new city, a new apartment and a new job.
My last month in Denver was filled with so much joy & love, and I'm hoping my first month in Fargo follows suit..and I just have this feeling it might!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The past 39 days or so....

Hi there!
I think I need to play a little catch up since I've last blogged.

First of all, I turned THIRTYONE. Ahhh And I didn't even comb my hair.

 A group of my girlfriends & I have been meaning to see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens for quite some time, so we turned it into my birthday celebration!
I had to consult my human memory, Roey, because I swear I'd seen a Chihuly exhibit before, and sure enough, we saw his work in Chicago!

 We got a chance to see a good portion of the gardens before we were completed rained out! It added a little bit of drama to the evening.

 Oh my gosh - then I met Gideon and had a wonderful, adventurous weekend with the Frey's. Karley is just so good for my soul...and she makes killer mojitos.

And it's getting to be crafting season! I've been doing a lot, a lot of crocheting and a touch of sewing.


 {Above} Adam, Loren & I ran the Symphony 5K! Whoop!
Kari does an annual "toast to fall" hike at Kenosha Pass and this year, I tagged along. It was beyond gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Slow Blogger = Perfect Timing

I'm always a few weeks behind on blogging, but HEY, I think it will actually work out this time, because today is BETH'S BIRTHDAY! And what could better than a birthday post recapping the most super fun weekend we had in Denver earlier this month!
Some of our best times including watching horrible reality television in matching pajamas, but hey, Amos Lee and Yoga on the Rocks and a girl's night out and shopping ain't too bad either!
Happy, HAPPY Birthday Beth!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Northwood Trip!

Last week, I took a little trip back to North Dakota. My trip happened to coincide with Northwood's Old Fashioned Saturday night, so I got to see quite a few high school classmates as well as my family! Speaking of my family, here they are!

When I was younger, I was extremely obsessed with kittens. I used to take rolls and rolls of photos of strictly cats with a few dog photos sprinkled in. Well, as the years have gone by, I thought I was over cats and just obsessed with my dog, but my photos proved otherwise! I just couldn't get over how cute & playful they all were. I managed to sneak in a few photos of actual people, so enjoy!

Love these wide open spaces!

Joey's hockey game!